Why Are You Still Falling For SEO Bullsh*t

One of the most baffling things I deal with as a seasoned web designer, developer and web professional can be summed up with one simple question.

Why are people still hiring scam SEO companies that pocket the bulk of their investment? These companies make claims they CANNOT possibly support! They outsource the work so they can pay 2 US Dollars to contractors that have a very incompetent understanding of proper business procedure, professionalism, or even the English Language.

One of my past acquaintances professed himself to be an SEO Guru and Web Design expert and sold hundreds of thousands in scam SEO and websites until he was issued a Court Order to cease and desist operations based on trademark violations alone. I could write a book on the number of questionable practices utilized!

GoogleHottieMany think that the sex industry is the sleaziest industry on the web I would have to STRONGLY disagree! At least in the adult entertainment industry you know exactly what you getting or looking for. The SEO industry is far more scandalous! One only needs to look at what happened to JC Penny in 2011 to understand how anyone can fall victim to these scammsters. One would think a company of this size would have people on staff that would have recognized the “black hat” tactics being used by their SEO firm. But one has to question whether or not they were actually victims considering that on at least three other occasions Google noted that there were other violations related to JC Penny. BMW received the death sentence from Google in 2006 when their site was temporarily removed from search results as a result of the utilizing “black hat” tactics to increase search results by using doorway pages. Read more about the Dirty Little Secrets of Search here.

THESE are the numbers; In 2011 Google was handling about one billion search queries a day today they handle more than three billion searches a day in 181 countries in 146 languages, 15% of which are new and unique having never been entered in to a search engine. All that being said you have to ask yourself just how relevant are you to search results. How many of Google’s signals are you picking up?

Worries-and-Concerns-About-SEOContent and authoritative linking are the “KINGS” by today’s standards the algorithms search for relevant higher quality content. Algorithmic improvements made by Google such as Panda were designed to seek out original content placing them higher in the search results pushing down other search returns that had less value. By applying a technique of combining and synchronizing your new media marketing the results surpass the old school standards in SEO of creating thousands of links to your site. LINKING has always been and will always be a critical ingredient in your SEO recipe it’s the quality of the direct return links that will make the difference.

The next question you might have is How do I know if the pitch I am hearing is a scam or not? I could write another book on that topic but instead here’s a great resource for you from Search Engine Land that we think you’ll find useful in knowing How To Spot Crappy SEO Pitches You Can Ignore

Junk The Junk Mail

By the way, Google gets these types of pitches too. Last month, the head of Google’s web spam fighting team Matt Cutts wrote about someone trying to pitch Google on how it might get more leads and rank better in its search results.
Hit delete on those pitches. You aren’t missing anything.

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