Veterans Village to Unveil Instant Built House Prototype

In a press release issued by Veterans Village Downtown, Las Vegas it was announced that they will hold a dedication ceremony to unveil an “Instant Built House” Prototype made from a recycled standard ISO (International Standard Organization) Shipping container. There are approximately 250 million containers in ports, shipyards and storage facilities across the USA that can be quickly transformed in to a housing unit with the addition of windows, walls, insulation, hot and cold running water, a kitchen, bathroom with septic tank, solar panels and a generator, among other amenities.

10959859_718354041611334_1611857495909886793_nEarlier this month Veterans Village introduced this breakthrough for housing our heroes at a saw cutting ceremony held at the Veterans Village campus in Las Vegsa. All components used to construct the Instant Built House are off the shelf items from The Home Depot and Ikea, construction of the prototype was made possible by a grant from the Home Depot Foundation for materials.

This fast construction, economically sound environmentally friendly option aims to create a comprehensive housing solution to meet the need for affordable housing that provides stability and support for our veterans to successfully transition back into civilian life. Additionally, IBH homes can be recyled, fabricated and stored on military bases in the event of disasters worldwide. The recycled housing units can be rapidly transported anywhere in the country via railroad “piggy-back” trains, semi-trucks, or jumbo air cargo transports for immediate occupancy.

10959373_718354398277965_2726876058131278055_nStalk first introduced the concept of shipping container housing to the City Of Las Vegas in 2007 and now with the recent construction of “Container Park” in Downtown Las Vegas shipping container construction isn’t a new concept to our city. It’s a proven concept and it’s time to bring it full circle and make it a reality. It’s fair to say that if we can use these containers for commercial and public use then certainly we can use them to provide housing for our United States Veterans in need. Homeless And Veterans are two words that should never be used in the same sentence.

This Friday at 9am Veterans Village will unveil the completed prototype. They have invited the public to join them to celebrate this breakthrough and share with you and representatives for our local and state legislature how easily we can end the veterans housing crisis in our country.

Arnold Stalk, PhD Founder of Veterans Village~ “I began experimenting with recycling ocean containers in the 1980’s and have consistently believed that this is s solution to house our homeless Veteran heroes with respect and dignity. This prototype will be part of a new Veterans Village Las Vegas development,”

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