Veterans Village Las Vegas Launches a Comprehensive Medical & Mental Healthcare Service Collaborative

Las Vegas-

2015-V-Villiage-Master-Logo-ArialVeterans Village Las Vegas Launches a Comprehensive Medical & Mental Healthcare Service Collaborative called “VETERANS VILLAGE CARE” The first of its kind collaborative is now set to provide Medical and Mental Health Services for United States Veterans in Las Vegas, NV

 “No US Veteran will be left behind due to the lack of access to medical and mental healthcare”.  Arnold Stalk PhD, Founder, Veterans Village, Las Vegas—

In a direct response to the increasing lack of access for medical and mental health services for United States Veterans, Veterans Village is now poised to provide a collaboration of 24/7/365 medical and mental health services.  Veterans Village has partnered with First Person Care Clinic, The State of Nevada Mental Health and other providers to provide vital medical and mental Health services for United States Veterans.

Innovation in health care is essential to the social and economic well-being of our city.  By bringing together complementary elements we hope to drive improvements in the overall quality of care for our Veterans.
Arnold Stalk, PhD, Founder, Veterans Village Las Vegas quote:
We are open 24/7/365 providing a wide variety of services for our United States Veteran heroes.  I have formed this collaborative partnership to address the lack of access to medical and mental health services in Southern Nevada.  Our mission is to establish a hub where United States Veterans can collectively manage their health care.   A United States Veteran commits suicide every three days in the State of Nevada and if we can provide collaborative services that make a difference for even one U.S. Veteran then we can count that as a win. By bringing together members of the both the public and private sectors we can address matters immediately through our crisis intervention triage services”.


Interviews with Arnold Stalk PhD, First Person Care Clinics and United States Veterans will be available.

Media Contact:
Dr. Arnold Stalk, PhD

About The Veterans Village:
The Veterans Village Crisis Intervention Center (CIC) is the only a 24/7/365 emergency triage center in Southern Nevada.  Services include housing, client based triage, medical and mental health services, job referral and training, Three Square Regional Food Bank nutrition, clothing, job referrals and placements, bus and transportation services and a host of other services targeted at preventing the rapid slide to homelessness and acute poverty.

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