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Beyond the glitter and glam of The Las Vegas Strip and The Fremont Street Experience lies a thriving business community.


Pick up a copy of any business publication or log in to your  favorite social media profile and you can find a business networking event for breakfast, lunch or dinner on most any day or  night of the week.  They’re hosted everywhere from your neighborhood coffee house to the most exclusive venues in town.  Each seem to have a particular demographic they are targeting to maintain attendance levels so finding one or more that fits your niche is a fairly easy task.  Here in lies the trouble… you can easily find yourself attending so many of these events that the faces start to overlap until it seems like you see the same faces at every event.  While the social benefits are good and it certainly keeps your brand in front of folks it’s not really why we attend these events is it?  No, we attend in the hopes that we will make magical connections with other attendees that feed our lead funnel.  Not a very practical expectation if you see the same people at every event and you aren’t generating any leads or referrals.

Conventions Services Association LV Event at Canyon Gate Country Club
Conventions Services Association LV Event at Canyon Gate Country Club

The reality is  this, attending these networking events in an investment in your marketing.  An investment of time and money and although you can earn more money once time is spent you can’t get it back.  There are several things you can consider when selecting where to invest this time and money.  What you really have to ask yourself is what do I hope to accomplish by attending?  Is this a solid investment of my time and money?   If your criteria for attending is a if it’s free it’s for me mentality I can assure you that you are wasting  your time, the time of other attendees and the time and money of the Host.

Our top 3 favorites are very industry specific networking groups.

  • The Convention Services Association of Las Vegas’ membership is comprised of businesses that specifically target the convention and tourism industry in Las Vegas.  This organization offers a monthly luncheon at a variety of venues primarily in the strip and convention corridor.  They generally have a guest speaker which provides some value and something to take away from the event.
  • The Las Vegas Wedding Network, this industry specific group holds events every other month they mix up the content well!  Sometimes there is an educational portion for the members and other times it is more social.  These organization does an incredible job of recognizing member contributions and sponsorships of it’s events.
  • Meetings & Events Las Vegas, this organization specifically focuses on meeting planners and service providers for people that host meetings and events locally.  It is a quarterly event and is usually held in at a very new or trendy location offering attendees the opportunity to experience some of the most exclusive venues in town.
Largest Mixer Event Los Angeles,CA
Largest Mixer Event Los Angeles,CA

We also like the Las Vegas Metro Chamber of Commerce Business Expo and the Las Vegas Largest Mixer.  Both are annual events which are much larger with very large attendance.  These events allow us to mix and mingle with virtually every industry in the valley.  All of the organizations that we’ve mentioned here host well produced events, have an outstanding reputation in Las Vegas and offer value for the time and money you invest by attending.

Calendar and workload permitting we mix in some smaller weekly events each month but we are selective.  Here are some links to some fairly comprehensive networking calendars in Las Vegas.

702 Events | Las Vegas City Life |Las Vegas Review Journal Networking Calendar

So shake it up a little and step outside of your regular networking box and broaden your circle of influence.  We’d love to hear from you!  What networking events do you attend and why do you attend them?  What do you like best about them?  What do you like least about them?

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