The Ratings Games or Duck Duck Miley

miley and duckOnce again Hollywood hype has topped the headlines!   Before I get started let me preface this with stating that I have never watched a single episode or video clip of  the A&E Television show “Duck Dynasty.”  I have no idea what the character that Phil Robertson portray’s is about, I don’t even know what the show is about nor do I care.  What I do know is that it is a crying shame that at this time of year in particular that there is so much hype and hoopla over one man’s opinion based own his own belief system.  The question I have is WHO CARES?  Once this is all said and done we will most likely discover that just like the Miley’s twerking it is nothing more than a publicity stunt staged by the network.  Why do American’s put so much weight on the words mouthed by celebrities?  Who cares what Phil Robertson’s opinion is?  Does his opinion have an affect on your right to your opinion?  No it does not!  If Americans put as much energy in to advocating for real social problems like Veteran or Teen homelessness or lobbying for legislation that might really have an affect on reducing domestic violence then we might actually see some real change in this country.  Have you all forgotten that “Duck Dynasty” is a ‘”semi scripted” so called reality show?  It’s TV people not REALITY!  Senior citizens having to choose between medicine and food that’s reality!  United States Veterans that fought for everyone’s freedoms including every American’s right to free speech are sleeping in the streets and suffering from PTSD and other mental illness that goes untreated due to backlogs in the VA.  That is a reality.  The mother that drops her 4 children off at school and hands the school nurse a phone number and says this is their Aunt’s phone number I’m done with them good luck…. that’s reality!

little-kid-crying-dad-funeral-soldierSo on Christmas Morning when you are sitting around the Christmas tree sipping hot chocolate and opening gifts while watching your favorite Christmas movie on your big screen television think about the child who doesn’t have his daddy or mommy because they died to protect your freedom or the teenage girl that is being pimped out by her mother to support her drug habit that’s reality people not Duck Dynasty.  Reel it back in folks, time to get a grip on what’s going on outside and around you.

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