Tech Tips from The Sin City Webmaster-iPhone v. Galaxy S4

With the Holiday Season of 2013 quickly approaching and bordering on the New Year and of course the most profitable Season for Technological ‘Toys’ and devices the Sin City Webmaster will be bringing you a series of “tech tips”  to help you make an informed decision for your “holiday spending”.


It is my opinion that there are only 2 phones that are going to exceed the others in sales and quality, and they are the Samsung Galaxy S4 and the iPhone 5. The iPhone of course already dominating the market in regards to security, as well as performance. With their biggest downfall being their new app for mapping that performs comparably below Google Maps standard which should be resolved during future development of their api and of course the expense of advanced integration of geographics technology. Personal opinion…..don’t hold your breath!  The Samsung Galaxy S4 is Delivering some major bonuses over the much higher priced iPhone 5.iphone-5-130724

While the Galaxy S4 may possibly be the most hyped phone of all time, it is actually an impressive handset. In spite of it’s 5in screen, it’s still slim and light. It is also the first phone to use an AMOLED screen with Full HD resolution which means 441 ppi compared to the 306 of it’s predecessor. Delivering super sharp OS and web pages. It uses the galaxy s 4 2Qualcomm chipset but unlike the HTC One is clocked at 1.9 GHz instead of 1.7Ghz, making it incredibly fast in both everyday apps and running 3D Benchmarks. The Biggest bonus in my opinion, is in spite of all that power the S4 battery keeps it running for over 10 hours when playing video. That is what I call impressive!

The HTC One delivers with a metal body and some extensive Operating system Tweaks, but in my opinion, the Galaxy S4 is going to “smoke” the competition going into the Holidays in 2013.


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