It’s busy day in our office here at New Media Vegas and the Sin City Presents headquarters following up with all of the amazing connections we made last night at the Las Vegas Largest Mixer.  As I was sorting through my SWAG bag I looked around our office and realized that if your desk is anything like mine  you have some SWAG in your office.  As I sit down at my desk with my fresh cup of coffee in my favorite Rock n Roll Fantasy Camp coffee cup…. I click on the computer to post some photo’s on Facebook which have been stored on my Largest Mixer jump drive, I reach for my mouse that is perched on my Stimulus Technologies mouse pad, the phone rings and I grab a note pad from Batteries in a flash and I reach for a pen (Jos A Bank). I’ll bet you have so much SWAG in your office that you don’t use even half of it, it probably ends up in a drawer or in a box in the storage closet until you have a big clean up day and then you end up tossing it in the trash. I’ll bet it never even dawned on you that when we do that we are essentially throwing someone’s marketing dollars in the garbage. The point I am trying to drive here is this, are people using the SWAG you give away? Companies give out these “gifts” in hopes that we will think of them every time we use these products. The decision to INVEST in SWAG shouldn’t be taken lightly…. After all it’s pricy… and it’s an investment of a portion of your marketing budget and probably a key component in your branding efforts.

The best SWAG is SWAG people will use! Anyone will take your freebie but they will only use it if it fulfills a need. What’s your SWAG strategy? Are you going for a blanket effect passing out something, anything to anyone and everyone? Do you use it as a thank you gift for your customers? Perhaps you use it for contest giveaways…..Whatever your strategy whether it’s awareness or a special gift for a client SWAG can help you build your business. There’s a myriad of factors to consider when deciding what SWAG to invest in. Note I used the word INVEST! Any business can implement a SWAG Strategy keys to creating a successful SWAG strategy include:dave linden jump drives

  • Choosing SWAG that appeals to your target demographic and that attracts online and/or foot traffic for your business.
  • Purchase the best quality SWAG you can afford to invest in!
  • Choose items that relate to your product or service.
  • Variety! SHAKE IT UP! Choose as many different types of SWAG as you can afford to invest in and use different items for different events. This is especially important if you participate in many events in the same community where business networks overlap.

One last tip for those of you that have that box full or drawer full of SWAG that you aren’t using and don’t intend on using anytime in the near future, don’t trash it! Consider donating it to a school or local non-profit…. They can always use office supplies.

Tell us about your SWAG experience! What’s your favorite type of SWAG?

Happy Branding!

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