Sin City Presents…..Vic Vaga the Vegas “VagaBlond”

15Being a Las Vegas Native I have met many a celebrity impersonator to many Elvi to count! I have often wondered how celebrity artists evolve….. For Vic it was a just that an evolution. Most tribute artists are incredibly talented and it takes an extreme amount of time and dedication to master the craft of re-creating legends. It’s much more than hair and make-up! Recently I had the opportunity to meet Vic Vaga, a Rod Stewart tribute artist who was gracious enough to share his story with me.

Ronnie Wood the “Rolling Stones” Circa 1980’s

It started with the hair courtesy of a high school prank and chewing gum in the late 1980’s. Vic had been told many times that he looked like a Rockstar but after he finished cutting the gum out of his then very dark hair, which resulted in a very spiky and eclectic finish he picked up his Les Paul guitar there was a definite resemblance to Ronnie Wood from the Rolling Stones. While Vic and the ’80’s rockers were seeing the “Ron Wood” in Vic, the girls were seeing Rod! The rest of the evolution started with a dare and a can of blonde hair dye for a Halloween party in 1990 while he was still attending college in San Antonio, Texas.
As I mentioned though it was an evolution for Vic, following college in the 1990’s Vic landed a gig with a franchise nightclub in South Central Texas that included him performing as Rod in a weekly show. In the early years of his showcase his performance was lip synch and voice over. It wasn’t until he was performing “Gasoline Alley” in an acoustic duo that forced him to sing that he started to put together the complete performance package. Today this “Sweet Little Rock n Roller” can accommodate a solo performance over concert sounding musical tracks or a full band “Rod Stewart” show experience that will have you “Twisting the Night Away”
3It wasn’t until he attended a professional impersonators convention in Orlando, Florida in 2008 that the tipping point occurred at which time he decided that bringing to life the “Vagablond” was indeed his “Passion.”
In 2011 Vic made his way to Las Vegas where like every entertainer that has made their way to Sin City he has paid his dues, performing on Fremont Street and until recently could be regularly found at The Quad as a dealertainer. The “Vagablond” has performed for countless numbers of corporate clients including NASCAR, Southwest Airlines, Pinnacle Corporation and the San Antonio Spurs, charity events for the United Way, Hotels, Casino’s and numerous television appearances.
What’s next for the “Vagablond?” Well when in Vegas….. Yes, you guessed it…. Weddings! Now an ordained minister Vic is taking the “Vagablond” to the Las Vegas Wedding Industry. With uniquely crafted packages themed for your favorite Rod Stewart songs such as the “Have I told You Lately” package.
You can also see Vic Vaga perform with Missing Zelda an 80’s tribute band featuring music from all of your favorite 80’s genres. Keep up with Missing Zelda on Facebook for show dates and information.
While I am sure it hasn’t all been “Handbags and Gladrags” for Vic we can definitely agree that “You Wear It Well” Vic
For more information on how to book the “Vagablond” for your next event please visit his website



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