Sin City presents…..The alternative to the Cliché Vegas Clergy! Flawless Ceremonies by Kymberli

419022_343447545757863_1924446317_nLas Vegas, the wedding capital of the world!  The #1 wedding destination in the world!  We’ve heard all the stats and the clichés but what you may not know about Las Vegas Weddings is that there are some amazingly caring, compassionate people in the Las Vegas Wedding Industry.  People like Reverend Kymberli.  “Although the rules of Clergy License require me to carry the title ‘Reverend’, please… call me your friend, says Kymberli.”  One thing she won’t provide is a monotonous sermon.  “That would make it more about me and my beliefs, rather than theirs”, says Kymberli.  Kymberli is not your typical Wedding Officiant, after all how many Officiants do you know of that at the request of the Bride and 970738_346370725465545_28792715_nGroom would walk down the aisle in a pair of “Chucks” to the beat of “Thunderstruck” by AC/DC.  Just one example of the lengths she will extend herself to make your day about you.  I suppose we should step back in time for a moment and share with you how Kymberli decided to become a Wedding Officiant.

The incredible journey she has been on started in 2009 with what started out as surprise gift for some very dear friends that were getting married and she was to be the Maid of Honor at their wedding.  The couple had mentioned somewhat in passing, that it would be nice if someone they knew and loved could perform the ceremony.  Well that set the wheels in motion! Kymberli executed a stealth maneuver and got her ordination, unbeknownst to anyone including the Bride and Groom!  As the ceremony began and all were standing and waiting anxiously for the Officiant to arrive, as the tension in the crowd continued to grow…. Kymberli stepped forward and sprung the surprise on the happy couple and began to perform the ceremony.  One thing led to another and it has continued to spiral into a gift that continues to give joy to Kymberli.  She has a special connection with her couples and says she suffers from a little bit of separation anxiety each time she hugs the newly married couple and sends them on their way to their happily-ever-after.

922703_343443305758287_570109057_nPerhaps our favorite Kymberli story is the 12/12/12 rescue.  December 12, 2012 touted record breaking number of people married in the city. It was, however, nearly a disaster for some couples.  Kymberli was waiting at the Bellagio Fountains for her couple to arrive to exchange their vows at the fountains as she witnessed several tearful brides.  Not the tears of joy you expect to see from Brides on their wedding day but tears of anxiety, stress and devastation that their fairytale moment was on the brink of non-existence. She spoke to a couple of the Brides and discovered that they had been stood up by their Officiant.   Kymberli was not about to let all of those dream-come-true moments turn into nightmares so she jumped into action and stepped right in for anyone that needed an Officiant.

936311_343435795759038_2139898458_nI suppose it’s moments like these that have earned Kymberli so many awards such as Vegas Seven’s “Best of the City 2012”: Best person to Marry You and Wedding Industry Experts 2013 Awards: Best Celebrant/Officiant to name a couple.

557835_433142073415356_549294317_nAs we mentioned earlier, Kymberli isn’t your typical Officiant, she’s uniquely qualified to appreciate the unusual!  This biker bar baby, proud military wife, Mother, Girl Scout Leader, and Wish Upon A Wedding Wish Granter understands the importance of commitment as well as the beauty of life outside the norm. Your ceremony is the first day of your own journey and the story of your lives, and it should be a beautiful one that represents your combined personalities. There has never been another you, and Kymberli believes your ceremony shouldn’t be like any other.305859_329934997109118_1671851023_n

If you are planning a wedding in Las Vegas and looking for that little something special whether it’s romantic or quirky, Kymberli will help you create that fairytale moment that will last a lifetime and we promise your wedding day will be anything but cliché.

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