Sin City Presents… Live with Leah at Raiding The Rock Vault 2014

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Leah LIVE with Andrew Freeman!

Today the Lady of Metal takes you LIVE with  Raiding the Rock Vault!   Currently in it’s second season and playing the LVH Hotel and Casino.  A new season with new players but still Classic Rock Americana!  One of the things we like best about the Raiding The Rock Vault Players is that they have made themselves accessible to the public.  These classic rockers keep it real and personal with their fans and followers with the post show meet and greet and public appearances that support the local business community.  That accessibility in and of itself is probably the number one reason it is the Locals Show of Choice!  The 2014 re-branding campaing dubbed “Classic Rock by those That Rocked” is right on the  “money line!”

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Photo Courtesy of Photography of Leah Burlington

Excerpt From Leah’s Rock Report:

The show had a spectacular following the entire year especially with locals, and we waited with baited breath to see if the show would be picked up for another year by The LVH. After a short hiatus of about a month we got the news that the show would indeed be picked back up where it left off , but to the dismay of fans of the show, without our dear Tracii Guns and dancer Megan Kinney. Then we had to wait for the announcement on who would replace one of the biggest characters of the show.
Right before the show was to start rehearsing we got the big news that Doug Aldrich from Whitesnake would be filling Tracii’s humongous shoes and that really excited the fans of the show. Also to be added would be a female singer. The surprise was that it would be our own local friend and kick ass singer, Carol Lyn Liddle, who has been rocking the Vegas rock scene for many years.

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Photo courtesy of Photography of Leah Burlington

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