Sin City Presents…. Dr. Arnold Stalk, PhD, Committed to Community for 40 years!

40YearLogo_MasterDr. Arnold Stalk is an everyday hero……..
We have had the pleasure of working with Dr. Stalk (Arnie) for quite some time now and have seen firsthand the countless lives he and SHARE have impacted. For 40 years Arnold Stalk has been committed to community. In 1994 he formed the Non‐Profit SHARE. The original acronym stood for supportive housing and resources for the elderly. We like to think that “E” in SHARE stands for EVERYONE.
For Arnie it’s about the people… nothing more, nothing less. It’s about the basic needs…. It is about access to life’s most basic necessities; food, clothing, shelter, medical services, education,
transportation, and jobs. It is about easing the pain of the suffering. It is about reaching his hand out to someone and offering them hope.
He is a force to be reckoned with! We’re certain that when most people see Arnie’s phone number pop up on their caller ID their first reaction must be what’s Arnie working on now? For us it’s HOW CAN WE HELP YOU MAKE IT HAPPEN ARNIE…….

His personal motto is “advocate/innovate/build it”. Arnie is fearless! There is no cause he won’t champion! From establishing the first recovery house for methadone addicts on “skid row” in Los Angeles, providing housing in Haiti, developing adult day care centers for the elderly, a champion for children and early childhood education, or fighting to end Veterans homelessness.  He is the voice for those that do not have the ability, strength or courage to speak for themselves.  He is tireless! He never stops, just when you think he can’t fit one more minute in his day he finds time
to help just one more person.  He is a timeless architect of humanity creating an environmental structure for society with planning at the core of every process. Very simply he is Arnie!

Congratulations and thank you Arnold Stalk for  your 40 years of commitment to community.  To learn more about SHARE and Arnold Stalk please visit him on the web.


 Create It Now Radio Show with Arnold Stalk of S.H.A.R.E.

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