Scot Coogan’s Sin City Send Off

1922503_800053686707141_1604011021568801596_nOn August 31st this year Sin City Presents Magazine brought you the breaking news that Scot Coogan had reunited with Ace Frehley for the SPACE INVADER TOUR and on October 3oth we were there to help send off in Sin City Style at the Scot Coogan  ALL STAR Industry Jam at Backstage Bar & Billiards.  It was a who’s who of the SIN CITY music scene.  The star studded event was a fitting send off for Scot Coogan as he join’s Ace Frehley for the SPACE INVADER tour which lifts off today today in New Jersey and a pretty kick ass way to introduce Scot Coogan’s 6Ft Nurse to Las Vegas! (Scot Coogan drums /lead vocals, Keith Robert lead guitar and Sean Koos bass) A Powerhouse Led Zeppelin tribute trio!!

indexThe SPACE INVADER TOUR  will be in the “New York Groove” on Friday night  with the tour currently having 18 dates now coast to coast with new dates and cities being added.  Although there are no dates set for SIN CITY presently on the calendar it’s a short ride to catch the SPACE INVADER tour in Aneheim, CA at the House of Blues on December 7th  and just in case you can’t wait to hear this incredible new album here’s a link to purchase

10635951_10152848632376617_304084153802757571_nThe ALL STAR Industry jam was coordinated and produced by Traci Smith (Rockin Las Vegas) with the hosted Red Carpet with Ninon de Vere de Rosa (Ninon Red Carpet) and sponsored by Sin City Presents Magazine with all of the amazing moments caught by The Lady of Metal Leah Burlington (Photography of Leah Burlington) from the Red Carpet to the stage.

An amazing night with all a ton of Rock Royalty in and from Vegas!! Scot Coogan’s send off party and show before his Ace Frehley tour with his band Six Foot Nurse doing a killer set! There were also some amazing sets by Tinitus, Vinyl Tattoo, Lust of KISS, Arsenal, and Split 33!! The Red Carpet started at 9pm with people milling in for a few hours and the show started at 10:30pm and went until the wee hours of the morn as people were there until 5am. It didn’t stop some of these bands from putting on KILLER sets with RAW energy like Tinitus, Vinyl Tattoo and Lust of KISS who all went on after 3am. Scot Coogan played drums in most of the bands all night long, the trooper and pro that he is!! Everyone were troopers that stayed all night long!! The show was a total blast and a success!!! Thanks Traci Smith for yet again another killer event!!! Thanks to Ninon De Vere De Rosa & Denis Bosnjakovic for the fabulous red carpet and lights and filming!!! Great job done by ALL!! And most of all, thank you to all of the BANDS & talented musicians that rocked us all night long!!! \mXm/- Leah Burlington

Entire “Official” album from Scot Coogan’s All Star Jam with much of Vegas’ rock n roll royalty, posted now!! There are 172 shots from that event that was an 8 hour show!!! Red Carpet, live shots and the people that were there to make it rock, all posted now and tagged!!! If I am missing some tag’s (and I know I am) Please tag the people that I was not able too. Thanks everyone and ENJOY!!! \mXm/

(Image Copyright 2014 © Photography of Leah Burlington Please do not alter, crop or share commercially without written permission.)

Here are a few epic moments from the stage but you HAVE to visit the whole album from the Lady of Metal to see them all!  Just too too many EPIC shots!!!

Just a “WHOLE LOTTA LOVE” in the room!

Photos courtesy of Leah Burlington. Keep current with the Lady of Metal each month in Sin City Presents Magazine #LiveWithLeah follow her on Twitter @LadyOfMetal , find her on Facebook (Photography of Leah Burlington) and visit her website and discover the world of rock n roll through Leah’s Lens.

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