Ron Keel “The Microphone Is Yours!”

rk2Streets of Rock n-Roll the radio show HOSTED BY RON KEEL is turning the microphone over to the listeners!! “TALK THE ROCK & ROCK THE TALK”


Tell the world what’s on your mind – make your voice heard on over 50 radio stations worldwide. Call in to the “Streets Of Rock & Roll” radio show, hosted by Ron Keel, and leave a voice mail giving your take on the following topic. Give your 1st name and the city where you’re calling from – speak clearly – and keep it to 60 seconds or less: (702) 425-5090

CURRENT TOPIC OF DISCUSSION: Gene Simmons says “Rock is finally dead” in interview – did you read the interview, and what are your thoughts about it? Here’s the link:

“I do NOT have to agree with you in order to put your message on the air, I just want intelligent discussions on the topics. I want everyone to have a voice and to be a part of this radio broadcast going forward – this is YOUR show too, and a chance to be heard around the world. If you’re out of line, you’ll be blocked and deleted – otherwise, anything goes on the “Streets Of Rock & Roll.” Call me and leave your message at (702) 425-5090”-Ron Keel



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