Rock-n-Roll Wedding sealed with a Sin City “KISS”

Every girl dreams of their wedding day….. When that magical moment finally arrives and Mr. Right “pops” the question our wheels start spinning!  We scramble to the news stand to purchase the latest issues of bridal magazines and start planning planning planning!  As a newlywed Bride I can tell you that my Groom and I did just that!  I even convinced Duane to attend the Las Vegas Bridal Spectacular with me.   The conclusion was that we wanted the day to include my dream of a fairytale wedding and since my Groom is a musician we needed to incorporate more than your traditional “Wedding Singer” type music into the day.  The answer!  A Rock-n-Roll wedding!

As life and time sometimes get the best of  us and we get caught up in the day to day rhetoric of  survival in the world  more than two years had passed from the time of our engagement until we actually exchanged vows.  I had all but given up on the hope that we would ever be able to fulfill our fantasy of the EPIC Rock-n-Roll Wedding we both wanted.

Photo by Ron Kazmierczak

On June 27th, 2014 My Rockin’ Groom made my Rock-n-Roll dream come true with the help of many many friends of course and he didn’t miss a thing!  His accomplices were quite thorough in helping him pull it all together.

Tere Scott, wife of the Demon himself, arranged every detail with the Sin City Theatre, Sin City KISS (Luis Reyes, Steve Mitchell, Keith Robert, Carl T. Ciadella and the SCK dancers), the Compendium production team, Traci Smith, public relations for The Sin City Theater she even made sure that I would have a ROCKIN bouquet!  The bouquet was designed and made by Terri Klerlein Robinson daisies and jewels that will be cherished forever.  Debra Cobb Hansen and Laura Ashley Covington from Bridal Spectacular/Spectacular Bride collaborated with Duane to arrange the dress, hair and makeup from Amelia C and my very dear friend Pamela was his accomplice in getting me to each and every point of the day.  I had the complete princess bride treatment for the day.  Best Man Rebel Freeman was at the helm to get the grooms attire for the evening which was provided by Michelle Parsons from Tuxedo Junction.  There to capture every magical moment of the evening were three photographers!!  Ron Kazmierczak, Pop Art Photographer Gary England and Leah Burlington Las Vegas’ Premier Rock Photographer.  Seriously!  Three photographers!  How many Brides get that?

Photo by Leah Burlington

Officiating the ceremony was Las Vegas Gene Simmons, Luis Reyes.  The ceremony took place during the LIVE show “Compendium of KISS” in the Sin City Theater inside the Planet Hollywood Hotel & Casino.  In the middle of the show following the song “Beth” sung by Sin City Peter Cris, Carl T. Ciadella I was cleverly led to the stage by Tere Scot where Carl, (Sin City Peter Cris) escorted me across the stage to find my Groom (who just moments before had excused himself from the theater) waiting for me in a tuxedo with Las Vegas Gene Simmons (Luis Reyes ).  My Groom simply said “I promised you a Rock n Roll wedding and wanted to know if you would marry me tonight?” I of course said “YES!”  From there Sin City KISStory was made!

Photo by Gary England

I’m not entirely sure if it was fate or a happy accident that Las Vegas Gene Simmons (Luis Reyes ) was our Officiant as it actually was not the first time we had met him.  We first me him at KISS Monster Mini Golf a couple of years for a special event which, coincidently on the same day we met Gene Simmons and Shannon Tweed.  It was at this event that we learned that Luis Reyes (Las Vegas Gene Simmons) was a wedding officiant and regularly performs ceremonies at the “Hotter Than Hell” wedding Chapel located at the KISS Monster Mini Golf facility in Las Vegas, NV.

The more I think about it the more I think that it was fate….  since that day we first met Las Vegas Gene Simmons (Luis Reyes ) we have met a number of people that were a part of KISS music history.  Not to mention that for as far back as I can remember I can still see the”KISS” logo Duane would draw on his notebook in grade school and the hundreds of times he painted his face with KISS make-up.

For those of you that know me you probably think of me as a pretty outgoing and gregarious person.  In the business world that would be fairly accurate, however on a personal level in all actuality I am quite shy and I am quite reserved when it comes to letting people into my heart.  I am still so overwhelmed and somewhat bewildered as to why so many people helped in the planning this epic fairytale Rock-n-Roll Wedding!  Why would so many people want to do something so EXTRAORDINARY for me?  There are so many people that were a part of it all….  So many people to thank… there is simply not enough words…… so for now I will not question the why’s but rather cherish each and every one of you that were a part of this day, you will forever have a very very special place in my heart.

Every year loving couples from all over the World select Sin City for their destination weddings.  If you are one of them and truly want the totally EPIC ROCKIN’ wedding you need to do two things to make your dreams come true.  First, connect with  Las Vegas Gene Simmons (Luis Reyes), second, attend the Las Vegas Bridal Spectacular!  I assure you that you will find every person you need to make your dreams come true too.

Photo by Leah Burlington
Photo by Leah Burlington
Before!  I wasn't surprised to see all of our friends there as I knew Duane had been busy helping Tere promote the show and inviting them to attend.  He was however supposed to have a change of clothes for me...  little did I know. Photo by Gary England
Before! I wasn’t surprised to see all of our friends there as I knew Duane had been busy helping Tere promote the show and inviting them to attend. He was however supposed to have a change of clothes for me… little did I know. Photo by Gary England


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