Redison launches Senstroke in US market at Namm Show!

Senstroke, the first connected object for drummers presented at The NAMM Show in California.

Created by Jerome Dron, Redison is a French startup company that transforms the drumming market with the Senstroke innovation: connected sensors attached to the drumsticks and linked by Bluetooth to the smartphone that allow drummers to play at any time. Thousands of players are already using it all over the world.

In order to conquer faster the global music market and launch the official commercialization of Senstroke in the US (in stores and on Amazon), Redison announces its participation at NAMM, the largest show of musical products in the United States. It is the perfect opportunity for the company to introduce its new learning mode integrated into the application and to unveil Senspad, a new generation of connected drums.

Senstroke, the first connected object approved by professional drummers
On the market since 2019, Senstroke is the first connected solution for drummers, capable of capturing and identically reproducing every drumstick’s stroke and rebound and the associated footwork. Using Bluetooth technology and its free application (iOS & Android), the sensors do not require any specific equipment, apart from a pair of drumsticks, to which they are easily attached.

Senstroke is an innovative musical instrument, unique in the world, intended for both professionals and beginners wishing to practice, record themselves or play drums wherever they like, thanks to this intuitive and easy to use tool. The sound quality and the rendering of the recordings offer musicians the possibility of continuously improving their work. By associating angle and stroke velocity, the sensors transform each impact into MIDI notes matching the sound expected by the musician. This note is then processed by the application to generate in real-time the sound of the virtual element stricken.

A few months after its launch, numerous users have integrated Senstroke to their daily musical life: professional drummers, music professors, musical partner schools and the general public, thanks to a large distribution network in Europe, in large music stores (Thomann, Woodbrass, La Baguetterie, Gear4Music etc…).

The NAMM show 2020: Senstroke presents its newest version of the application with a unique learning mode on the market!

In order to push the boundaries of playing and learning, Redison presents at NAMM its new and updated version of the Senstroke application, that add a full range of exclusive features such as; : recording, exporting and sharing of the registered pieces. New drum kits are also being unveiled with Jazz sounds, in answer to answer to community expectations.

But this is nothing compared to Senstroke’s biggest announcement: the integration of a brand new learning mode! For the first time ever, Senstroke brings to its clients a complete solution (sensors + application), allowing them to play drums in a fun and realistic way, thanks to interactive lessons. The new application allows the public to learn the drums, play pieces of their choice, improve and share their progress with the community. Senstroke has been available since December on and in the B8TA store of New York.

Senspad: Redison’s latest innovation unveiled at NAMM
Building on the success of Senstroke sensors, Redison launched and successfully completed its second fundraising campaign in May 2019 for Senspad, the first wireless, connected and scalable drum pad that will compete directly with electronic drums. Senspad is fully connected and transportable (less than 2kg per pad). As a disruptive innovation on the market of drumming, Senspad is a flexible solution, super-fast to install and scalable.

Senspad is compatible with recording and sharing settings, as well as interactive learning. “Redison democratizes drumming practice and learning”

About Redison: Created in 2017 by Jérôme Dron, the French startup Redison develops projects in the world of music and health by enthusiasts who have one goal: to simplify your everyday life with technological innovations like Senstroke. Senstroke is a unique patented innovation 100% made in France that allows anyone to play drums, anywhere and on anything. Following a financial campaign that attracted thousands of users, both in France and abroad, and an initial successful fund raising of 900 000 euros, Redison has launched Senstroke in France, Europe and the US in 2019. Senspad will be the new product to be launched in 2020.

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