Q: What’s New in the 702? A:(725)

Get ready to change the way you dial in Southern Nevada!   In November of 2012 The Public Utilities commission approved the addition of a second area code, or overlay, for Clark County, Nevada. That change will take full effect beginning May 3, 2014.   Calls placed without using the 10 digit format will not be completed after that date. 911 service and other three digit services such as 211 and 411 will remain the same.

Clark-county-nv-mapIt may sound like a simple enough thing to adapt to however there are some items you should turn your attention to in preparation for the change ahead. You should check any equipment that is programmed with a 7 digit number as it will need to be reprogrammed to dial with the 10 digit format.   Some examples that the Public Utilities Commission recommends you check are life safety systems, alarm and security systems and gates.   For your business you may also want to take a look your fax machines, business cards and stationary and advertising materials to ensure that the area code is included in your contact information.

There will no changes in rates and other services related to the new overlay. Your telephone number will not change. New telephone lines or services established after June 3,2014  may be assigned numbers using the 725 area code.

For more information regarding this upcoming change please visit the Public Utilities Commission online.


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