NAMM 101- For the Attending Artist

Maximize The NAMM Show Experience

The NAMM Show is the definitive platform for the music, sound and event technology communities to unite with the mission of strengthening the music products industry and promoting the pleasures and benefits of making music. Held in Anaheim every January, The NAMM Show offers the latest products from more than 7,000 brands, cutting edge industry education across hundreds of sessions, as well as special events, concerts and experiences where “only at NAMM” moments take place.

Photo Credit: Fernando Munoz

If you’re an artist attending The NAMM show this year we have some tips for you from Sin City Shredder (March 2017) Jason Constantine.

1. DON’T ASK FOR ENDORSEMENTS! If you ask the answer will be NO. Talk to the artists reps and see if you can get into an Artist Pricing deal. NOBODY gives anything away for free anymore unless you are a touring act doing more then 200 gigs a year.

2. DON’T GET IN LINE FOR AUTOGRAPHS! This is a complete waste of your time at NAMM. If you want an artist autograph or photo find out where they are performing and show up to the performance. Most performances are in small clubs or hotel banquet rooms where they come out and mingle after the show.

3. DON’T PICK UP AN INSTRUMENT / GET ON A DRUM SET AND PLAY SUPER LOUD. Trust me NOBODY cares. If you want to test out a piece of gear, grab it, play it for a minute or 2 and get off. There are people waiting in line. NONE of the artist reps are listening to you play, there are 50,000 people like you there. They don’t give a damn.

4. If you don’t have product to give out (i.e. CD or USB with music on it) or an EPK DON’T ask for anything! You need to have something to give them, something they can look at and see WHY you would be a good artist to work with.

5. Artist pricing and Endorsements are about mutually beneficial relationships! If you don’t have anything to offer the company (ie: promotion, gigs where people can hear you play the gear, a big following on social media where you can pimp out their gear) they wont give a damn about who you are no matter what your level of talent is.

6. AFTER PARTIES AFTER PARTIES AFTER PARITES!!!!! Go to every one you can, meet people and make contacts. THAT is what NAMM is about. Don’t expect to get ANY business done on the show floor. Get a business card, have a few drinks, buy them a few drinks and email them when you get home.

Other than that, HAVE AN AMAZING TIME!!!

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Navigate The NAMM Show like a PRO!

The ALL-NEW 2018 NAMM Show app for iPhone and Android is available for download in the iTunes App Store and on Google Play.

Just search for the term “NAMM.”

For users who already have the NAMM app installed on their mobile devices from last year, you’ll need to delete this app and download the new one.

This app is an essential tool for navigating the 2018 show and features:

  • An exhibitor directory
  • Show map
  • Schedules for educational sessions and events
  • Social media feeds
  • A personalized scheduler
  • Important daily alerts
  • And more!

Utilizing the app, you can make the most of your time at The NAMM Show by being able to locate the right exhibitors at the right time and attend all of the best special events.


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