LVMPD Says It’s Not Our Problem….

Recently the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department announced that effective Monday March 3rd they will not be responding to traffic accidents with no injury.  ARE YOU KIDDING ME?  I have had to take a couple of days to mull this over….. here are my thoughts.  I asked my Mother how she felt about this…. she is a retiree with an impeccable driving record  by the way.  I asked her what she would do if she was in an accident and didn’t think she was hurt.  Would you exit the vehicle to exchange information with the driver Mom?  She just sort of shook her head and shrugged her shoulders….  what if the other vehicle was being operated by someone that is intoxicated, armed or dangerous?  Right then and there I told my Mother that if you are in an accident you do two things…. call the cops and hurt or not you tell them YES I AM INJURED second lock the doors and stay in the car until the police arrive and call an Attorney!  Are they seriously suggesting that we engage the other driver without knowing what the circumstances are behind the wheel of the other car?  Do you seriously think this type of a driver is going to stick around and VOLUNTARILY exchange insurance information with you?  The more I think about this subject the more it just pisses me off!  The LVMPD is essentially giving a free ride to drunk, buzzed and high drivers, drivers cop car 2without insurance and drivers with expired or revoked driving privileges.

The Nevada Insurance Commission has already called the move a “poorly executed plan” that could lead to safety problems and higher insurance costs.

Not only is there a public safety concern with this plan there are serious financial implications.   In almost every traffic incident there are citations and fines that are applicable.  So are the City of Las Vegas and Clark County saying they don’t need that revenue?  Based on the conditions of our roadways I assure you our city budget ain’t rollin’ like that!  This is not the only financial repercussions we will see.  You can be assured that as  good drivers we will see increased insurance rates, while negligent driver rates will eventually drop because there will be fewer document accidents.  We the good drivers will be forced to absorb the financial impact of this policy.

On the medical and  injury side of this topic often times injuries in  auto accidents are not always detected at the time of impact.  What happens the next day when you wake up and can’t move?  How are you supposed to document that?  The whole subject is baffling and completely mind boggling to me.

The DMV is already a disaster and now you are telling us that we have to go and file all of this information ourselves when we the taxpayers have spent millions of dollars  to invest in technology tools that allow the responding officers to do their job and file a police report?

Metro’s defense is that it’s the same thing as having a fender bender in a parking lot…..REALLY!!!!  WOW!  There’s a big difference between a fender bender in a parking lot and one at a busy intersection.  Are they suggesting that we also take over the responsibility of traffic control?  Perhaps they are too busy for that too!  To add insult to injury you won’t even be able to file your accident report at area sub-stations.

No matter how you slice it this policy has CRAPS written all over it!  It’s an open invitation for mayhem in the streets.

I don’t know about you but in my opinion the LVMPD works for me the taxpayer but apparently Sheriff Doug Gillespie’s has forgotten this and it’s time for him to go!   LVMPD claims that 55% of their time is occupied by property damage reports related to traffic accidents.  Guess what THAT’S THEIR JOB!  This  entire initiative has been put into play after the More Cops Tax was once again voted down by the Clark County Board of  Commissioners. We don’t need more cops, we need an efficiently run department free of corruption.

I can tell you this, if I am in an accident I damn’ well will INSIST on a Police response AND you should too!

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