Keeping the Spirit of Bonnie Springs Zoo Alive

Being born and raised in Las Vegas I love it when I get the opportunity to talk about some of my favorite places.  Bonnie Springs Ranch which includes a petting zoo is definitely one of those places.  Located about 15 miles outside Las Vegas between Red Rock Canyon and Blue Diamond Road it’s a great place to spend the day with the family and escape to the everyday hustle and bustle of the busy city. unspecified2 We’ve been following the exciting work that Veronica Beauchamp has been doing in our community and in particular as of late the work 39she’s been doing to support the Bonnie Springs Zoo.  This project holds a special place in my heart for a few reasons.  It’s helping to preserve a historic place in Southern Nevada, and it’s part of Veronica’s Girl Scout Gold Award project.  As a Girl Scout Alum myself it is truly an honor for me to act as her advisor for this project.  Veronica is the National American Miss 2015-2016 Junior Teen National Cover Miss, unspecified3who also currently holds the titles of  National American Miss 2015-2016 Miss Nevada Junior Teen Cover Girl and Volunteer Service Award Winner and is also an Ambassador Level Girl Scout.  She has been an active member of Girl Scouts of Southern Nevada since the Brownie level at the age of six.  With the recent passing of the zoo’s owner Miss Bonnie it’s been a rough go of it. Miss Bonnie built this place for the city, for the children.  A place to experience the animals first hand and up close.  It’s no surprise then that it’s a teenager taking the lead on keeping Miss Bonnie’s mission alive.   Veronica chose the Bonnie Springs Zoo as the focus of her Girl Scout Gold Award project to continue with her focus from her 2015 project “Feeding A Zoo”.  As you can imagine the costs of feeding the animals can be daunting budget number to have to maintain.  You may recall that in 2015 Veronica Beauchamp worked very had at collecting food for the animals at the Roos N More Zoo for her Gold Award Project.  Today she has taken the same model she used to collect food for Roos N More Zoo and has put the system she created to work and is now collecting food to support the Bonnie Springs Zoo.  Together with her royalty sisters and other volunteers she managed to collect nearly 900 pounds of FREE food for the Roos n More Zoo her combined the efforts and the efforts of several different groups Veronica has lead this project to some truly astounding results by collecting a grand total of 1,836 pounds of FREE produce!

TWO cart loads of FREE produce donations from ONE  local grocery store.

As part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project implementation, Veronica has involved several locals grocery stores, as well as a wide variety of groups within her community……including several younger Girl Scout groups, local racing teams, Veteran’s groups, residents of her own neighborhood, girls from her NAM pageant system, personal lifelong family friends, and teens from her school and from several other local high schools.  The systems and partnerships she has formed have created a sustainable process that can be replicated in virtually any city in our country.  The systems in place include scheduled pick up times to pick up produce that can no longer be sold to the public but is fit for animal consumption, a process in place to recruit volunteers and train them to replicate the program and a regular delivery schedule to the zoo.  Her systems are really quite mature.  I’ve seen businesses that don’t have as mature and a well thought out a plan.  As a business owner I use lessons I learned during my years of scouting with the then Frontier Girl Scout Council (9 years worth to be precise).  It’s been a very rewarding experience for me to see this young lady apply the things she has learned in scouting to create such an impact in our community.

Since implementing this Girl Scout Gold Award project, she has worked very hard at spreading the news about what she was doing through the use social media, her website, and local  magazines like ours, Sin City Presents.   To date she has made connections with individuals across the country in 49 of our 50  United States resulting in two other states already copying her project model and has received produce donations from as far as Ohio to go to the Bonnie Springs Ranch Zoo!  Additionally, Veronica  has been contacted by people from 25 other countries outside the United States in regards to this Girl Scout Gold Award project!

THIS is what 495 POUNDS of produce looks like! Veronica Beauchamp talking to kids in our neighborhood about her Girl Scout Gold Award project.

How you can get involved! Veronica is looking for GROUPS that would like to schedule time to come visit the Bonnie Springs Ranch Zoo with FREE entrance to the western town, petting zoo, train, etc…..with only two requirements 1. You sign up for a day through Veronica

2. Each group member should bring a bag of produce to donate to the zoo (can be from own fridge, or purchased) Note….this is for a limited time, as it is part of her Girl Scout Gold Award project.

You can also help by donating to Veronica to help her continue to do all of the great things she is doing.   Donations help her spread the word to other teens so that they can become active leaders, volunteers, and great role models in their communities.  Monetary donations also allow her to participate in opportunities that allow her to travel throughout the United States to share with and educate others.  Donations are used to pay for the travel and expenses.  Please donate by visiting her website. You can also view other projects and  her previous work with Roos N More Zoo on her website.

Girl Scout Gold Award final project at Bonnie Springs Ranch Zoo

(click images to view slide show)

Girl Scout Gold Award a Take Action trial project Roos N More Zoo

Veronica’s Girl Scout Bronze Award project in which she lead a team to construct 289 “Cancer Care Comfort Cushions” back in 2010 as a Junior, for the Comprehensive Cancer Center of Nevada.

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