Electric Messiah Set To Record Debut Album With Pat Fontaine

electric-messiahIn a press release issued today Electric Messiah ( David Reed Watson, Jason Constantine, J.P. Michaels, and Michael Maysonet) announced that they are set to record their debut album at The Count’s Desert Moon Productions in Las Vegas, Nevada with Pat Fontaine.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Spectraflex, Randall Amplifiers, Clayton USA, ESP Guitars, Jim Dunlop Guitar Products, Seymour Duncan, Mike Lull Custom Guitars, and Godin Guitars. Artist Electric Messiah will be hitting the studio this coming week to record their debut record at The Counts Desert Moon Productions in Las Vegas Nevada.

The band will be joined by Pat Fontaine of the band ‘XYZ’ co-producing along with Electric Messiah. “We are excited to have Pat Fontaine along for the ride with us. Pat is a brilliant musician and producer and has a keen ear for arrangement and song structure. We are so glad he has undertaken this journey with us.”  says the band.
The band has nine songs ready to introduce to the world. The songs are an eclectic mix of Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive Rock, and modern melodic themes and subject matter.  “We have gotten an amazing response to these songs live, and the fans are rabid to hear these songs fully produced. The songs just came effortlessly for us. JP Michaels (Bass & Backing Vocals) and Michael Maysonet (Drums & Percussion) had a large hand in arranging and writing parts and grooves for all the material. It has really been a full band effort. David Reed Watson (Lead Vocals) has been brilliant with his vocal melodies and subject matter. We are very proud of these songs and can’t wait to unleash them to the world.” ~ Constantine

Electric Messiah will hit the studio on Monday Sept 22nd and work nonstop through October 2nd to finish tracking.  Mixing will be done by Jason Constantine, and will take place at Jason’s own Constantine Studios.  “I love mixing in my own environment, but the songs need a bit more production than my place can handle.  We chose Desert Moon Productions as the place to track the record due to the environment, gear selection, and the fact that I have worked there in the past. They have the most amazing Drum Room in all of Las Vegas. It’s big and spacious and allows for massive sounding drum recordings.” ~ Constantine. Jason is hoping to have mixing done by the end of November, and the band is currently shooting for a January 2015 release.

“It’s been a crazy year for us as a band. So many big shows, and having the opportunity to share the stage with bands like Coldspell, Accept, Let It Rawk and others has been a blessing. Our fan base has gotten huge over the last year and we can’t wait for everyone to hear this record.” ~ Electric Messiah

You can find out more about Electric Messiah at
Website: www.electricmessiah.com
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/electricmessiahband

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