Celebrating the 500th Episode of “The Rocking Comedy Show”

What do you get when you mix a little Dr. Demento add a little rock n roll and celebrity guests then sprinkle it with a little twisted humor?  You get the “THE ROCKING COMEDY SHOW” with “CrazyJay Bird!!!  As he gets ready to celebrate his 500th episode tomorrow we asked him how it all got started.

rocking comendy

CrazyJay’s been doing radio since 1992 and was a HUGE fan of the “Dr. Demento Show!” When he was young he heard a song called “She Grabbed My Coconuts by Barry & The Bookbinders” and requested it for weeks to be played on the “Dr. Demento Show” FINALLY he played it with a dedication to “CrazyJay”

This is for Crazy Jay of Anaheim who would have to be crazy to request this next one as much as he has!”

“CrazyJay” took the twisted comedy that the “Dr. Demento” show offered, added interviews with artists and celebrity guests who would submit their own funny songs and invite them to perform them LIVE in the studio. The first song to be played on the then named “CrazyJay Show” was “Successful Vegetarian by The Uninvited”

In 2000 “CrazyJay” packed up and made his way to Vegas, along with a change in location he wanted to make changes to the show. Over the years the show took on many changes until 2004 when the “The Rocking Comedy” show was born! He added a mix of co-hosts, funny news and main stream music and more!  Over the years the show has evolved but “CrazyJay Bird” hasn’t forgotten where it all started. On Sunday’s “CrazyJay Bird” airs the all request “Silly Sunday Show”

This show is to remind everyone that if it wasn’t for the good doctor and all his demented tunes, I would never of done this…and it’s been a great ride!,” said CrazyJay.

The 500th episode of “The Rocking Comedy” Show airs LIVE on May 30th!! You can listen to the show LIVE at 3pm PST at www.rockingcomedyradio.com

500 show
Photo Courtesy of Paul Beauchamp, Ingenious Imaging

“CrazyJay Bird” will also be celebrating this 500th episode milestone in true Rocking Comedy style on Saturday the 31st at BB’s Clubhouse and Event Center located at 4660 Boulder HWY, Las Vegas, Nevada 89121. The PARTY starts at noon and the public is invited to celebrate all day long with an amazing roaster of bands and performers that will take the stage throughout the day.

12:00p The All-Togethers
1:00p Megan Barker
1:30p Richard Cooper
2:00p The Third Degree
3:00p The Study Buddies
4:00p Billy Dare & The Pumps
5:00p The Vegas Iceman
6:00p Bud Mickle
6:30p Las Treal
8:00p Jinxy Bear
8:30p Zakeree Atom (Alleycat Zack)
9:00p Avalon Landing
10:00p Lawn Mower Death Riders

Congratulations CrazyJay from all of us at “Sin City Presents Magazine” we can’t wait to see where it all goes from here!

500 party

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