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Sin City Presents is the only destination for people who work, live and play in Las Vegas!  We’re dedicated to delivering the content our readers crave!  That’s why we’re more excited than ever to share our advertising options with you, all of which are budget friendly!

If you’ve advertised with us before you already know we keep it really simple!  If you haven’t advertised with us then we think you’re going to love what we do!  Sin City Presents Magazine is a publication for you and about you!  Delivering the “back-beat” of Las Vegas! Entertainment-Business-Community!

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Our classic advertising model

All static advertisements are FULL PAGE ads with a right hand read.  Your brand is part of the content in Sin City Presents Magazine, not a blurb hidden on a page.

Each Ad is $99.99 per month with your web ready artwork.  Ad size is 1275 w x 1672 h 300 dpi and is linked to the web address of your choice (Website, Facebook, Instagram, twitter etc.) and includes brand support via social sharing on all of our networks.

Currently all advertisers in the magazine also receive a COMPLEMENTARY 350×350 banner in the side bar of the website.  Premium banner space is also available on the Sin City Presents Website. (ask us about pricing and availability)

Extended Campaign Incentives:

SAVE 10% Full Page Ad 3 month campaign $269.98

SAVE 20% Full Page Ad 6 month campaign $479.96

SAVE 30% Full Page Ad 12 month campaign $840.02

Premium Positioning:

*Outside Back cover or Inside Front cover  $200.00 per month

Artwork can be changed out as frequently as needed to correspond with your current events/promotions.

Sin City Presents Event Calendar
It’s always FREE to add your event/gig to our event calendar.  Add your event to hundreds of calendars in Sin City with one easy entry.Premium promotional options are also available if you really want to amp up your promotions. You can even choose to promote your campaign nationally if you are hosting events outside of our city.Add Your event today!

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Media Contact for Sin City Presents Magazine

For more information please contact: Genie Forkner, Editor-
Duane Forkner, Artist Relations-
Advertising Information

Our office hours are Monday-Friday, 09:00 AM – 09:00 PM Pacific Standard Time. You can generally expect a response within 24 hours.

Overview of  Sin City Presents

Magazine description:

“Sin” City Presents” Magazine delivers the back-beat of Las Vegas! There’s something for everyone! Sin City Presents, your brand, your music, your event, your cause… Sin City Presents… YOU! Entertainment, Business & Community! “Sin” City Presents” brings you news from the back-beatof the Las Vegas Community. Featured articles include industry news from the local music and entertainment scene, leading local industries, business and causes in SIN City. A publication for you and about you.

Advertising with “Sin City Presents” connects your brand to a connected Las Vegas Business Community!  We’ve strategically crafted our model by establishing and maintaining relationships in the most thriving industries in the Las Vegas.  As a member of the Las Vegas Host Committee our finger is on the pulse of our most vital industry, because #TourisimMatters!  Our mantra “Entertainment, Business & Community!”

Audience & Demographics

The Sin City Presents audience is comprised of local artists, small business owners, industry insiders and community minded people. has seen traffic grow considerably since its launch in August 2013.   In August of 2014 we launched the Sin City Presents digital magazine which continues to increase it’s readership each month with engaged social savvy readers. Visitors to are highly targeted, and arrive mainly via browser bookmarks, targeted search engine queries, social media interactions, and highly relevant inbound links. In short, our website is uniquely positioned to offer an audience that is receptive to your advertising message.

Click on an image below to explore some of our back issues.  We’re always on the lookout for interesting stories!  If you have an event, person or place you’d like to see featured in Sin City Presents please feel free to contact us anytime!
Email to submit a story idea.

Las Vegas is the entertainment capital of the World and we take that title to heart! Sin City Presents delivers the “backbeat” of  Las Vegas bringing to your desktop with news and interesting stories about people, places and events from around the Las Vegas Valley.  We proudly support the Las Vegas Business community and organizations such as the Largest Mixer Group, The Las Vegas Wedding Network and the Las Vegas Social Register

Internet is the most important global communication tool offering convenience with wide cost-effective reach!Why Advertising In A Digital Magazine Makes Sense?

Online advertising on magazines captures the most attention – consumers skip ads the least in digital magazines.

Consumers interact with digital ads – Nielsen found that 35% of iPad owners say they ‘enjoy viewing ads´ on their devices.

Digital magazines increase engagement – Mobile devices have allowed readers to become more engaged with magazine content. 85% of digital consumer magazine readers spend more than half an hour reading their digital edition.

Digital magazines enhance the reading experience – 88% of readers report that interactive ads such as videos, photos and virtual views enhance their overall magazine experience.

Readers value advertising – 7 in 10 readers find display ads in digital online magazines less intrusive than banner ads. 63% consider ads as helpful or interesting.

Benefits of Advertising with Sin City Presents:

  • FREE Event Calendar listing
  • Feature Opportunities
  • User friendly Website
  • Affordable Quarterly Customized Advertising packages
  • All Ads include linking to your website and/or social media pages
  • No Set Up Fees ( with your web ready ad)
  • Affordable graphic design ( if you need your ad designed )
  • Financing available via PayPal Credit

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