A Chamber for Sin City

If you are a business owner in Las Vegas shopping for a chamber of commerce that meets your needs can be a daunting task.  With exorbitant membership fees, extra charges for advertising to members and ticket costs to attend “chamber” events at the end of the day joining a chamber is a real investment of your marketing budget.     Recently we were introduced to Sin City Chamber of CommerceSinCityLogoWe were quite impressed with their mission and philosophy.  First and foremost the story behind it’s inception.  The Sin City Chamber was founded by Ms. Loretta Holt and Mr. Wayne Bridge both former employees of the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce.  Their decision to form the Sin City Chamber of Commerce was spurned by the discovery of a policy that prevented businesses that provided adult entertainment services were not eligible to join the Las Vegas Chamber of Commerce. You have to wonder why an organization that claims they are committed to the economic growth of Las Vegas would disqualify this multi billion dollar industry that serves in excess of 30 million visitors annually.  After all, gambling is an adult entertainment isn’t it?

Their mission statement:

The Sin City Chamber of Commerce is a member based business organization located in Las Vegas and created to promote with equality, respect and fairness the businesses that provide the products and services that Sin City Las Vegas is noted for worldwide.

There are many other chambers of commerce in Las Vegas that are aimed at procuring members from different social, ideological and geographic demographics. For us The Sin City Chamber of Commerce makes sense.  Here’s a couple of reasons why!  The membership fee is a one time LIFETIME membership fee and no additional fees to attend member mixers.

sccc-bannerYou can keep up with Sin City Chamber News and Events every week with “Johnny Dice” on KLAV AM 1230 at noon on Tuesdays or by visiting their web site at www.sincitychamber.com

The single most important thing to remember when shopping for a chamber of commerce is to thoroughly examine how the chamber SERVES its members.



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