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July 2019 Brendan Shane The Nocturnal Affair

How Time Flies! We’re Celebrating 5 Years! Featuring Las Vegas Based Band The Nocturnal Affair on our cover! Inside find Judas Priest, Graspop Metal Meeting 2019, take a walk thru rock with the legendary Rik Fox. Peers, Passion & Purpose with Johnny Roxx and get a heavy dose of inspiration and motivation in this month’s edition of AIMPOINT with Mick Michaels. All this and MORE inside this issue of Sin City Presents Magazine.

March 2019 Jeff Cohen Sweet Home Alabama

Welcome to the March 2019 Issue of Sin City Presents Magazine featuring Jeff Outlaw, Creator of Sweet Home Alabama on our cover. Inside find NEW features including 60 seconds in Sin City featuring Leona X and, Meet the Band features Bakers Dozen. Alison Metal Babe Mayhem talks with Rev Jones and The Cosmick View talks the Grim Reapers Steve Grimmett. Johnny ROXX talks perfect pitch and Duane Falconer share some warm up zen this and MORE inside this issue of Sin City Presents Magazine!

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